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The Day I Was Nearly [Insert Big Birthday Here]

on Jun 9, 2016

Still here (still coughing, actually – but that’s for another time). Am staring down the barrel of a Big Birthday and though when I think about it – like, really put my mind to it – I know I’ve had a hell of decade, in many different, awesome ways, but I’m still stabbed by the same doubts and fears and insecurities. I can’t shake irrational envy and resentment. I’m still a stroppy cow who can’t even see the fucking glass half the time, let alone judge if it’s half full or not. I’m still twelve years old inside, I think. I wonder if I’m alone. Are we all just kids wearing adult clothing?

The Day It Came Back

on Jan 30, 2016

THE COUGH. IT CAME BACK. I know, right? I am so over this now. TL;DR, after telling the doctor that the cough/wheezing has moved to my throat (wtf), he now thinks it may be acid reflux related. And even though I already take medication for that, he wants me to take more, just in case that’s the cause. LOL, right? I’m off the steroids now, though. So yay for that. My week was pretty frantic; more writing deadlines to juggle with a busy schedule day-job wise. Writing has been stressful (read: irritating), but I can’t talk about what’s irritating me on a public post, so let’s gloss over it. Wednesday I went to a leaving party and saw some colleagues who no longer work there, and that was lovely. Thursday I went out for dinner with M and K and others to celebrate M’s birthday, and that was also lovely, if a bit weird (the restaurant only had four menus...

The Day With All the Syns Ever Created Ever

on Jan 21, 2016

I got myself a Breakfast Bloomer toastie and a teeny, tiny Almond and Raspberry Bake at Costa earlier today. When I put that in my Slimming World Weight Loss Planner later that afternoon, my laptop laughed and pointed at me. I had no other Syns today. Nothing. Breakfast and dinner and everything in-between – all was Free. And yet somehow those two little treats equate to my Syn allowance of four days. FOUR. ONE TWO THREE FOUR. MY DIET IS GOING SO WELL YOU GUYS.

The Day With My Sister From Another Mister

on Jan 18, 2016

My weekend was magnificent; stuffed full of love and laughter and good food and good times. I ate too much and drank too much and stayed up too late and I don’t even care. It was fabulous. Sometimes I wonder if D and I have remained friends for 20+ years because we live 200 miles apart, and other times, I miss having her near with a ferocity that hurts. We’re lucky that our husbands too get on, as do our kids, so when we’re all together, the house is noisy with love and laughter. We don’t do much when we’re together – sit and watch TV, eat, and drink. We don’t need much, I guess (which is just as well, considering how shitty the weather was over the weekend). Rather excitingly, we’re having an extra visit next month. We’re both in the wild a bit with childcare, and living so far away from each other doesn’t make it easy for us...

The Day I Should Be More Like Kimmy Schimdt

on Jan 13, 2016

Feeling blah today. People – just by existing – are irritating me. I want to be alone and hide even though, if I’m honest, I’m mostly alone and hiding in work anyways. I’m an idiot. Last couple of days have been productive, both in and out of work. I watched the entire season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt and loved every second of it. I started sorting through that aforementioned Money Stuff bag and have shredded three-quarters of it (some of the letters/correspondence goes back to 2001. WTF) now. I have a writing deadline next Monday (am contributing to the next Game On! book – yay!), so have started thinking about writing for that (heh). I wrote up a user guide I need to write for a web development client (long story). It’s mostly been the perfect balance of busy without being overloaded, and I guess that’s as good as working things...

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