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The Day I Started Over

By on Oct 21, 2012 in Geek Speak, Site Stuff | 5 comments

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Why, hello there. I’m Vixx. You might remember me from such posts as The Day I Ate a Strawberry-coated Mackerel, The Day I Didn’t Think This Was a Good Idea and The Day All Hospitals Are Shit.

I’ve spent the last few days privatising over fifteen hundred blog entries in an attempt to start over. It’s not because I’m embarrassed at what lies here because – to be honest – I’m not particularly. They’re part of my life and the stupid, juvenile posts exist only because I was being completely stupid and juvenile at the time. They’re who I am – or, at least, who I used to be. Not all of it’s pretty, no, but there’s no denying that they got me to where I am now … so I can no more denounce them than I can my blue eyes or fat thighs.

Nope, I’ve put them away because ten years ago, when I started this stuff? The people I love barely knew blogging existed, let alone knew the URL to this place. And whilst I don’t think I’ve ever rant-typed anything wholly hateful here (at least, not out in the open), I’ve hardly been a saint, either. So – to protect those I love from mean, off-the-cuff words about arguments I can’t even recall anymore – I’m starting over. I do hope to one day go through them and re-publicise those that pass muster but for now, let’s populate these empty pages, shall we?

Ten years is a long time. The first posts here existed before my nine-year-old did. They chronicled the chaotic my life as a newlywed (I was entirely too young, btw) and as a first-time mum, struggling to juggle life and work and play. And I miss it. Miss trying to make sense of the disorderly thoughts in my head. The more I write for the living (more on that later), the less I do in my personal life, and that’s a shame. And I really do miss it.

So. I’m back. It would be lovely if you could come back too – perhaps even comment every now and then so I’m not talking to myself! There’s still lots to do – like sorting, dumping and updating pages, for instance – but for now, I thought I’d make a start. So … hello! Pleased to see me? :)