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The day there was suddenly a new theme

By on Jan 31, 2013 in Site Stuff | 2 comments

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Sorry, guys. Apparently, I’m so contrary that even if I tell myself something, I have to go and do the very opposite. It’s Oppositional Defiance Disorder of the very highest degree.

So. Yeah. New theme. Not hand-made. This is the first time in – what? Six years? Seven? Ever? – where I haven’t self-crafted a theme, but WordPress has changed quite considerably since I last poked under the hood, and whilst I’m as efficient as any developer at tweaking someone else’s code, it turns out that I’m less concerned about bringing my own up to scratch than I thought. Plus it was time for a change. Time to move on. And I wanted something different without having to code something difficult. Heh.

And I know what you’re thinking. Pictures? Really, Vik? I understand – this is indeed a bit of a departure for me. But blogging has really changed in recent years, and whilst I care greatly about the written word, I figured that this would be a cool way to incorporate favourite images, whether it be by way of a relevant personal photo or – as will more than likely be the case – a favourite video game screen. If you read me by RSS or Livejournal then I don’t suppose much will change for you, but for visitors of the site, I hope this gives you a different, and enjoyable, way of digesting my words … the words that will hopefully come more frequently now that I’ve given my decade-old home a surprise makeover.

There’s still some tweaking to do, of course; I wouldn’t be me if I whacked something out that was perfect from the get-go (and there’s only so far back I can be arsed to go back and add images to old posts). But it’s getting there, and hopefully you’ll be able to comment again. Because I’m certain that the only reason I’ve been talking to myself all this time is because my theme was b0rked …


Oh, before I forget: the protected posts. Yeah, I’m sure that they’re irritating. But on the whole they’re protected because I’m ranting about something (someone) in my life, and I don’t want to hurt any feelings. So, providing we’re somewhat acquainted and you are neither a parent nor a spouse, chances are I’ll share the password with you. Just ask!