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The Day with 2013

By on Jan 1, 2013 in bff, family, go me |

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Happy New Year, people of the interwebs. I hope 2013 is just as fucking awesome as you deserve it to be and more. :)

Me? I just want to be happy. I don’t think that’s too lofty an aspiration, do you?

No resolutions this year. Just a few personal pledges that include writing more and begrudging less. I’d eat less and smile more if I stopped sniping about what was happening around me and concentrated more on the people that love me most. You can’t make everyone like you, but you can endeavour to be the friend that you yourself would look to in difficult times. Despite a horrible few months, I really have tried to be that person and I think – most of the time – I’ve managed to pull that off. Someone might disagree, but I went to bed each night with a clear conscience. I simply won’t be walked over. Taken for granted. Taken the piss of. Lessons have been learned and whilst I still miss them, my life is ultimately better for no longer having such an insufferably selfish, spiteful person in it. Their venom surprised me and it remains unforgivable.

But enough of that. New Years are about looking forward, not harking back. I have a husband to whom I’m closer than ever, a son who warms me from the inside out, a sweet, loving labrador who makes me smile every single day, and friends near and far who fill me up with laughter. My life is good. We have a lovely home, cars, food on the table and – for now at least – money in the bank. 2013 will be the year where I find my footing again. It will be the year I stop worrying about others and celebrate the good that comes my way. It will be the year I cease callously gossiping and taking perverse pleasure in the downfall of others. It will be the year I will be stronger. Kinder. Warmer. Calmer.

It will be the year I am happy.