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The day everything changes

By on Feb 13, 2013 in bff, Not impressed |

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It’s pretty quiet out here in the ‘burbs. When your next-door neighbour is forcibly removed from his home by police and taken away in a van, you tend to notice.

His partner called around whilst I was busy (read: playing Halo 4), but I caught her as she was pulling together an overnight bag for her and the kids before leaving to stay with her parents. Turns out he was becoming increasingly abusive, and after weeks of asking him to leave, things turned unpleasant and scary and she ended up having to call the police. He was arrested, charged with a breech of the peace, and he’s not allowed back to the house again.

Bloody hell.

Everything’s so transient. You think things are going to be the same forever, that you know someone, that you’ll be with them forever, and then something changes – a infinitesimal shift of perspective, of power – and suddenly everything changes and they’re no longer who you thought they were.

It’s terrifying.

You feel embarrassed. Angry. Betrayed. And you wonder how you could have been so stupid to have trusted the wrong person for so long.

I can’t begin to imagine what she’s going through.