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The day it WAS King Richard III in that car park. Christ.

By on Feb 4, 2013 in awesome, Corporate Puppet, family, gaming, go me, writing |

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King Richard III’s beens found under the asphalt of a fucking car park. Seriously. Look at those words, for Christ’s sake. It’s incredible. Okay, so he wasn’t Britain’s most revered monarch, but if Horrible Histories has taught me anything, it’s that he wasn’t quite the douche history/Shakespeare dictates, and the idea that the location of his burial was somehow lost and tarmaced over is just … madness. Also, am I the only one who thinks it’s kind of awesome that a king died in battle? That he wasn’t huddled in a bunker hundreds of miles away? He didn’t shy from his duty. Yeah, I know our current day princes are in the Forces but … I don’t know. Maybe I’m being unfair, but I find it hard to imagine any contemporary nobility sat stride our modern day equivalent of a horse and galloping into danger. I don’t have much time for the monarchy – then or now, actually – but something about his dying on the battlefield impresses me.

Unless that, too, turns out to be bollocks.

Knackered tonight. A sugar-stuffed meal last night coupled with a writing deadline and three males who snore (that’s the husband, the son and the dog, incidentally) kept me up way later than was my intention, so I’ve spent much of today in a zombie-like daze.

While the rest of the world plays Ni No Kuni (although I probably will pick it up, I can’t say I’m desperate to play it), I feel as though I’ve been sat in front of this machine forever, day and night. I set my alarm to shift my arse at 7am, just to make sure I had time to read over last night’s offering, and tweak/amend with enough time to get it in by it’s 9.30am deadline. (It did go off an hour ahead of schedule, but at the cost of my sanity; S didn’t wake until a little before 8am, which meant we had twenty frantic minutes to get ready for school. Fun.) Since then I’ve been glued to the sofa, laptop on knees, working through my emails, managing GGS, cleaning up my desktop (I can’t bear a cluttered wallpaper), reporting links, trying to keep on top of things. Last week I made a concerted effort to align my management of the team and the way we report links etc., and so far, so good.

I’ve also put in an application for a part-time writing gig. It’s paid per article, which looks shit on paper, but I worked out that it would bring anything between £200 and £300 in each month, which actually isn’t too bad for a part-time commitment. Not to count my chickens, but I think my speculative email and CV did enough to progress me the second round; supposed to be having an interview later this week. Fingers crossed I keep on progressing – I really need the money …