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The day with the unruly website

By on Feb 17, 2013 in family, Site Stuff | 2 comments

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I hate technology.

Well. I don’t. Obviously. I’M BLOGGING, for Christ’s sake. But I hate how at it’s mercy we are. Over the last week Amelie’s been “helping” (read: doing it all) move my sites off Dreamhost and over to my new host, A Small Orange. And everything’s dandy-o. As I type this, FA is sitting in it’s new home, snuggled in comfortably, probably wearing sweats and slippers and snuggled up under a cosy blanket with hot cocoa. All is well.

GGS, however? GGS is all in black, smoking pot, throwing its arms around and wailing about the UNFAIRNESS OF IT ALL, GODDAMMIT.

I don’t know what’s happened. Twenty-four hours ago, the site was sitting on the new server and responding quickly and politely. This morning, however, it had completely bugged out on us, spewing up ridiculous errors and ACTUALLY BEING SLOWER than my DH host, which is so IRONIC it HURTS. It’s messed up badly enough that we have to redirect the DNS back to the old site again (DID I MENTION THE IRONY?) whilst Amelie, bless her, is trying to root around for the problem. She’s got it down to a peculiarity with image resizing, but why or how it’s happening, we still don’t know.

My head hurts, and I’m not even doing the hard work.

Other than that, the day’s been okay, and an improvement over the rest of the week although, let’s face it, that isn’t hard. Went out for lunch with my parents and aunt and uncle, which was all very lovely and civilised. S was great (he was a pleasure to be with, actually – he’s always so well behaved in restaurants) and the food was fab, albeit not particularly waist-friendly. (Had a quick detour when I found out my cousin locked herself out of her apartment. She was in work and I was literally around the corner from her place, so S and I popped over to get the Concierge number for her. Haven’t heard back, so I’m assuming she’s okay.) Came home, tried to sort GGS, remapped the DNS, and then helped S with his homework. Kind of humdrum, but that’s okay – I’ll take humdrum over drama any day. Feel like I’ve had my fill of that just lately.