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The day our thoughts were with Boston

By on Apr 15, 2013 in Offline, tv |

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Such tragic, senseless violence.

Already this attack is being cheapened and degraded by racism that chokes social media platforms even in this immediate aftermath. It’s a sad, endlessly self-perpetuating circle of hate. The attack itself is horrific – mindless and brutal and uncompromisingly evil – and yet the poisonous, racist igorance that spews forth in its wake is no better.

I had been hoping it was accidental. Gas leak, perhaps. As I write this we don’t know who or what caused this; two blasts have been confirmed, with rumours of other, unexploded devices reported around the city. New York is on high alert. Hotels are being evacuated. I know that in a post-9/11 world we’re rarely complacent, but as anniversaries of such atrocities pass, I keep hoping – desperately – that we’re past the point in the evolution of our species where one person can coldly blow up another for simply living in a different country, falling in love with a different race or turning to a different god.