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The day I was REALLY glad I was still on holiday

on Jan 2, 2014

The quotes – do they bother you? I hope not. 2013 was a year chocful of melancholic reflection, and as a lover of a wonderful turn of phrase, it’s these kind of poncey quotes and lyrics that kept me going. I try and avoid the really cheesy, cliched ones – no, really, I swear – but ones like the Churchill quote resonate in weird and wholly wonderful ways. I hope they do for you, too. If not – well, I don’t know what to tell you. You might need to close your eyes for every other post, dude. (Psst. If you have any favourites that you think I may love, please do share!) Today’s been surprisingly productive – well, so far, at least. I spent the morning lying beside my snoring spouse in bed, hammering my way through a very full inbox and talking bollocks on Twitter (as I’m wont to do these days). I am so very happy that I’m not yet...

Quote of the Day (1/365)

on Jan 1, 2014

When you’re going through hell, keep going.

Winston Churchill

The day with 2014

on Jan 1, 2014

Well, look who’s crawled out of the arse-end of 2013 and blogging a’fresh, like every other two-bit blogger in the blogosphere? I know. I have no shame. How are you then? Keeping well? Your hair looks fab, by the way. Have you lost weight? Insert other niceties here, and I’ll gloss over the startling absence – again – with hot, stabby nonchalance. If I told you I’ll miss 2013 I’d by lying. I know. The end of 2012? It wasn’t great. But I spent a huge part of 2013 (probably) clinically depressed, self-medicating with chocolate and tears and struggling to get out of bed. The tail end of 2012 was crap, but it was in 2013 where I hit rock bottom. Thankfully, I’m on the up again now; I have a job, steady writing work, and the promise of other things twinkling in my not-too-distant future. But I’ll always remember 2013 for the turd...

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