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The day after the night before

By on Jan 8, 2014 in family, gaming, Not impressed, Offline | 1 comment

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So. Yesterday was a bit shit, wasn’t it? I’m trying hard not to panic. It’s not easy, but what does panicking accomplish?

FUCK ALL, that’s what.

Watching Celebrity Big Brother helps – I can channel my frustration at that smarmy prick from Blue.

I’m also teaching myself video editing on the fly, which is keeping me occupied in the evenings. Not sure I mentioned it here (and if I did, there’s only a couple of us and some dust bunnies reading, so no-one can be blamed for forgetting), but Saturday night I stopped putting it off and did my first recording session (please watch/like/subscribe, even if you unsubscribe at a later date – help give my vids a push and make my NY resolution a reality!). I constantly talk to myself when gaming anyway, so it wasn’t hugely different from my typical Saturday night, and it’s been fun teaching myself the ways and means of Final Cut Pro X. Editing – and all that compressing shit – is not without its challenges, though … not least because when I learned editing in university, we were using actual tape and razor blades.

Yeah. Really.

Jesus, I’m old.

So. Yeah. Things are kind of bleak, but I’m trying to keep myself busy in the hope that that will keep me positive. I feel myself withdrawing again – not playing online with friends, retiring to bed early, spending too much time in the house – so I need to make a very conscious effort to reverse that trend, right? Right.