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The day with the alphabetising joy

By on Jan 3, 2014 in family |

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Today’s chiefly been a pyjama day. Yep, again. It’s cold and stormy out, which is not good considering I rarely want to leave the house even when it’s warm and sunny. (Heh.) M and S did venture out long enough to pick up a DVD tower from IKEA, so I spent the afternoon doing one of my favourite things: re-organising our 300+ DVD collection.

My God, I love alphabetising shit.

It’s taken almost three years, but just before Christmas we removed the dog’s crate from the dining room. I kept putting it off as, despite never using it for sleep/safety reasons, Wesk still loved it, often running to it as his Special Place if chastised or given a special treat. Trouble is, it was huge – and our dining room was not. So it’s gone – replaced with a much more small-room-friendly doggy bed cushion and a box to keep all of his toys safe – and therefore, we can now sneak in an extra DVD tower. Coupled with the new curtains we’ve hung in the lounge/dining room – replacing curtains that have hung in this house since the day we moved in – and a fresh lick of paint, things are looking considerably better in here.

(By the waym if you’re wondering – Wesk is perfectly happy with his new bed. He heads straight for it if given a dentastix, so no lasting damage, it seems. I am more relieved by this than you will ever know).

Next step is probably to replace the fireplace. But that seems an impossibly grown up thing to do, so let’s not hold our collective breath. It took me over a decade to replace the curtains, for Christ’s sake.