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The Day I Fell Over

By on Jan 12, 2015 in family, gaming, Oh Mama |

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Still haven’t shaken the tiredness. Slept in Saturday and yesterday, although the latter was chiefly because getting out of bed yesterday morning saw me fall over. Hmm. Labyrinthitis and/or anaemia still raging, it seems.

Weekend was, perhaps predictably, low key. S spent most of Saturday out with his buddy, whilst M caught up with the football and I roamed the galaxy as Destiny Guardians are wont to do. Didn’t play Far Cry 4 even though I really wanted to; the lounge is just too far downstairs, you guys. Also missed my first 365 day. Yep, I’m disappointed in myself too.

The best thing about falling on my arse, however, is that it makes my husband realise that this is a real thing with real problems. He spent yesterday being a very efficient carer, which bodes well for our silver years. I spent the morning feeling really, really horrible, but gradually felt less wobbly as the day progressed. I managed to finish my latest stitching project, albeit lying down with my head crammed between two pillows to keep it as stationery as possible.

The dizziness retreated yesterday evening, so today I felt well enough to come into work. Am relieved; have only just moved to amber from DANGER RED with work’s Bradford Factor score, so the thought of regressing back into the Let’s Talk About Your Sick Leave area was worrying me. It’s very hard to manage a Work Happy sick record when you suffer with migraine. Twice I’ve struggled in only to have my father/brother have to pick me up from work and drive me home.

Commute in today wasn’t fun. Weather’s appalling, and three separate pricks refused to acknowledge or thank me when I permitted them to pull out in front of me (OMG THIS ENRAGES ME). Got some good work-related news, though. Not too shabby for a Monday.

A week into the new study regime, S glances up from packing his school bag this morning and says: “It’s so nice not rushing to do homework, Mum. Thanks so much for this idea. Things are so much more relaxed now.”

He’s right, you know.