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The Day I Wasn’t Feeling Too Great

By on Jan 3, 2015 in gaming, health, photocraphy |

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Have not been feeling too great today.

I suspect I’ve inherited the lurgy our Friend-Family left yesterday. I’ve not felt sick – at least, not yet – but my plumbing isn’t working quite as it should. Ugh.

Hence, it’s been a low-key kinda day. I’ve spent most of it in bed, watching TV/YouTube and then, latterly, cross-stitching. Since sinking the opening couple of chapters of Russell Brand’s Revolution (a Christmas gift), I jumped on YouTube to check out some of his latter interviews, mainly his Newsnight appearances and interviews with Paxman, Snow etc.

Initially, I was really turned off his grandiose, apathetic brand of politics – but reading the book adds meat to the bones of his objectives. Am I convinced by it? Nope. I don’t think anyone can achieve change by the inertia of not voting. But beyond the headlines, Brand’s ideals are lofty ones and it’s difficult to argue against him when he’s fighting for a fairer society that cares and supports both its people and its environment.


Today I’ve also launched my (belatedly) attempt to take a photo a day in 2015. I know – I’ve started, and failed, so many of these things it’s laughable, but I miss taking photos almost as much as I miss blogging, so it’s worthy of an attempt, I guess. (They’ll be on my Flickr, btw. I do occasionally post to Instagram, but as I’m as cautious as ever about sharing the places/faces of my family, I’m selective in what I post there). Where I can, I’ll add them as the featured images to each post. Or embed them. Something, anyway. :)

Tomorrow – stomach cramps pending – I hope to put away the bloody Christmas decorations, and maybe spend some time in Kyrat. I’m about 40ish hours into Far Cry 4 now, and have only finished about 42% of the game. I don’t ever want it to end. While I’ll admit that I’ll never be comfortable slicing up animals (even when it does come down to me vs. nature), roaming the land, watching the sunset, listening to running water … it’s incredibly beautiful, and a pleasure to play. I wish I had it on PS4 so I could take screenshots (like the one attached) and share it with you!