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The Day There Were PLANS, Baby

By on Jan 5, 2015 in Delia Wannabe, gaming, Oh Mama, writing |

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If nothing else, today was awesome because everyone had to go back to work and I didn’t. (And just to rub it in a little more, I’ve also booked off tomorrow, too. I know: you hate me. I don’t care, though).

It’s been a quiet day. Spent the day not doing very much, initially a little bit of stitching and then, latterly, trying to clear some documentaries off the Sky+ Planner. S was in school and M in work from 2pm, so it was unnaturally quiet once M had left – my first alone time since before Christmas, I guess. Thankfully I had birthday dog Wesker (Four! He’s FOUR!) to keep me company – and my toes warm – until it was time to pick S up.

Whilst I was off from the day job, IGN never sleeps, so whilst I didn’t write anything today, I subbed and pitched a few things. Also decluttered my inbox, which – despite my best efforts to keep it zero’d – keeps kicking my ass.

Today marks the start of a new home working regime for S. Yesterday we hammered out a schedule that sees him better balancing work and play, and went through all of his school books, replacing tired/broken folders, replenishing his pencil case, and making sure everything’s in the right place. It’s my hope that by turning the control over to him – and asking him to lead on the planning, giving his own ideas and suggestions – he’ll feel better in control of his work, and assume more responsibility. We’ve allocated time to relax after school, but also time to knuckle down and do homework/self-study in what I hope will be a more relaxed, less rushed way.

That’s the plan anyways.

[An aside: gave Wesk a new bone for his birthday – a real one, stuffed with chicken paste or something. For the last five minutes he’s been coming out of the dining room (where his bed/safe place is) to briefly parade around the lounge before scurrying off again. He’s been doing this – an internals so regular you could time an egg to it – for the last half hour. Heh.]

I guess I’d better leave it there and give some thought as to what we can eat tonight. I have no idea what to cook for dinner and as M’s working, it down to me to feed us. Seriously, we live like students. Someone remind me to do a grocery shop before I’m forced to offer cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Excellent parenting, as always.

Before I go: the last two blog cover images have been the photo from the previous day’s Project 365 (so today’s – my Nightmare Before Christmas tree baubles – was taken yesterday as I took down the decorations). I’ve tweaked with the theme’s font/spacing etc., but I’m not yet happy with the headers and excerpt text, as I think the font needs to stand out better against the image. I’ll keep fooling around until it looks right but until then, hope it’s not too distracting/illegible!

Of course, there’s nothing to suggest I’ll stick to this – we both know how flaky I am. But if I don’t have a post-specific image to add (such as the Far Cry 4 screen I posted on Friday), I’ll try to get into the habit of doing this. :)

Edit: Oh, ffs. The Fate God was listening. As I sat here, smug and self-satisfied that I’ve had a quiet day, M called at 7pm to say that his car has packed up, so I – and therefore S – will have to pick him up at 10pm. THANKS, FATE.