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The Day With 2015

By on Jan 2, 2015 in awesome, bff, family, gaming |

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I was totally going to start with a Back to the Future joke. Be grateful that I didn’t.

Our best friends from down south joined us for New Year. It was touch and go for a bit – their eldest was vomiting less than twenty four hours before they reached us – but thankfully it all worked out, and although J started to feel unwell whilst here, we got through the three days with zero vomit.


It did put a bit of a dampner on activities as we didn’t quite manage a meal out or anything, but we watched the Inbetweeners 2 whilst waiting for the clock to strike midnight (it was amazing – better than the original film), and then popped a bottle of Cava and watched the fireworks on TV. It was low key, but wonderful. I felt love and loved and really, what else can you ask for?

As I said a year ago, resolutions and I don’t mix. The goals I set myself crashed and burned as – let’s face it – most do, but I will say that 2014 was the year that – for the very first time, I guess – I feel like I’ve got a proper grip of our finances. I’ve counted every penny in and out since 1st February 2014 and whilst that sounds tedious as fuck, for me, it’s been massively empowering. I switched bank accounts, cleared all credit card debit, and our American Express Preferred Rewards card contributed £350 towards the cost of Christmas. Using YNAB has made a huge impact, and I’ve Bonnie to thank for that. :)

I guess this year, more than anything, I’d like to sort through the bags of paperwork we have cluttering up the spare room. Just before Christmas we switched it around a bit and removed some furniture, all in an attempt to make it a cleaner, brighter space that doubles as both study and game space for S. So whilst it is cleaner and brighter, there’s half a dozen or so Tesco bags down the side of the sofa bed filled with paperwork that – for reasons that escape me – I struggle to throw/shred. I’d like this to be the year where, like our finances, I take hold and manage it all, successfully convincing myself that no, there’s no benefit to keeping hold of my car insurance certificate from 1998.

What the fuck, Vik.

Anyways. The rest of the day holds Far Cry 4 (omg, I’m loving Far Cry 4 you guys) and, probably, Destiny, so I’ll leave it there. I hope you’ll stick around and keep me company in 2015!