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The Day With The Surprise Revelations

By on Jan 26, 2015 in Corporate Puppet, family, gaming, health |

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Today was quiet; low-key. I made it into work, and even did some work, but I can’t say that I wasn’t delighted when the clock struck four and I was able to duck out. My sore bits still throb, and all I wanted was a hot water bottle, pyjamas and someone to mainline Yorkshire Tea for me.

I did tackle my tax self-assessment however, which I’d been procrastinating over since before Christmas. Every year it terrifies me, and again – for some reason I cannot fathom – I’ve got a rebate of several hundred pounds. Last year it was several thousand, which was freakin’ amazing, and helped pay for our holiday last year. This year’s surprise refund will also go towards the vacation fund, though unless M can secure himself some overtime, I’m not entirely sure it’ll be enough to get us to foreign shores again. We’ll see, though. Each time I look at our holiday shots – such as today’s utterly unfiltered feature image – I’m sorely tempted to break our no-credit-card-vow and load up a holiday on one. I’m never happier than when I’m with my boys, and there’s something about sun-kissed skin and all-inclusive cocktails that relaxes me in that bone-melting way that a long weekend slobbing around the house in PJs can rarely achieve. Heh.

Next year’s filing shall be doubly-complex. I’ve been routinely putting 25% of my IGN paycheck away each month to cover my bill, but I’m not looking forward to translating all that cross-Atlantic, double-currency bollocks into a tax return!

I also, finally, made an attempt to personalise the magnolia box I live in between 9am and 4pm each week day. Last week whilst at Ikea I picked up a floor lamp and some frames for my office, so over lunch today my friend A and I gossiped as we mounted my new prints (see the Silent Hill, Portal and Bioshock prints acquired from here). She also helped assemble the lamp, which I cleverly forgot to pick up bulbs for. Pft. (Shall provide a pic of the prints in all their majesty once they’re up on the wall!)

Whilst waiting for A, one of my bosses stopped by to update me on a meeting we had first thing. On glancing around my office, he asked why there were empty frames on my table, and I just shrugged, a little embarrassed, and said I’d just picked up some prints to go on the wall: Nothing special, just “video game stuff”. He grinned, eyebrows raised: “you play video games?” Ha!

I thought I’d told everyone – after my last job, where I kept it as a close secret, I made a point of letting people know here that I had a second gig writing about video games – so it was a surprise to hear not only that he’d missed the memo, but also that he dabbles in gaming, too. He’s in his 50s, and part of the senior managerial team, so to hear him talking about Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead made me giddy with glee. He hadn’t played The Last of Us yet. I told him he needed to rectify that, and promptly.

See? Never judge. You simply can never know what people are like by basing everything you know on face value.

Tonight is likely to involve a visit to Crota’s End, and copious amounts of Lying Down And Feeling Sorry For Myself.