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The Day With Nothing But Nothing Nothing Tra-La-La Blues

on Jan 11, 2016

I’ve definitely turned a corner with my health. Although I still have (gross) spells/spasms of coughing, they’re less frequent, and the cough – finally – seems productive now. Maybe it was a virus and it’s run its course, or maybe the steroids are finally doing their job. Whatever it is, I couldn’t be happier. (I know I write for living and therefore should try harder but omg, WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW RELIEVED I AM). So guess what? Yesterday I did tackle that paperwork cluttering up my spare room! By the time I was done, I had dumped three or four rubbish bags, five or six shredded/recycling papers, and have reduced the monstrous pile of papers down to three neat little bags of paper: Money Stuff, House/Insurance stuff, Keep-For-Dem-Memories stuff. I know: the next job is to go through all of them, too, but baby steps, right? I can’t believe...

The Day I Was All About the Rock N Roll

on Jan 9, 2016

Oh my god, I’m tired. Like: obscenely so. I got home from work yesterday around 4.30pm and went straight up to bed, where I dozed until 8ish when M came home, and then properly went off for the next around ten. Rock n roll, baby. No lie in courtesy of the hairdresser call (it looks lovely – yay for prettified hairs, even if it did take five bloody hours), and now I’m home I feel exactly the same, at exactly the same time; exhausted. Even my bones feel tired. I cleaned the bedroom; wiped down the windows, swept the floor, feather-dusted, dusted and polished. And that’s it, friends. I have done nothing else. Just watched a couple of shows on planner in order to clear the Sky+/DVR box, and then a couple of The Offices on Netflix. That’s it. I’m now just waiting for my dinner, chiefly so that I can change into my jammies and go to bed. And I’m not...

The Day All Was Still

on Jan 8, 2016

It’s so quiet here today. Like: peaceful quiet. It’s wonderful. There’s just the very, very faint rumble of traffic in the distance and the occasional (but lulling – I’ve always loved the sound of trains, even when I lived behind the overground line in London) drone of a passing train. My phone hasn’t rung. I’ve only had a couple of emails. Things are mesmerisingly still. My last office? I looked right over that aforementioned train line. Even though I loved it, it didn’t help foster a healthy working environment so noisy and intrusive was it, particularly if I was in a meeting. Late summer I relocated (I still have my own office, but it overlooks the inside of the building, not out, and I’m an extra three floors up) and I can’t believe the difference. Students aren’t back yet (so neither are many academics!) but...

The Day With Zero, Baby

on Jan 7, 2016

As first-days-back go, today was pretty sweet. Despite a horrible commute in the day job was quiet, which meant I hit my inbox with force, and have got all the 150+ emails received over Christmas sorted, actioned and filed, bar four (which I have to do tomorrow. But I can live with that). I’m not very good at turning off my phone/emails when I’m not in work, but I have a semi-successful system now of turning off my phone notifications (visual noise on my phone HURTS MY BRAIN D:), but I do check it occasionally through the day. It enables me to the delete the oh-there’s-left-over-buffet-food emails from the important ones throughout my leave, and it means that when I come back, there’s only 75 emails needing my attention instead of 150. This cannot be a bad thing. My Destructoid account is pretty well-ordered, if frantic during US hours, and I also, very...

The Day of the Asthma Clinic

on Jan 6, 2016

My routine, annual visit to the Asthma Clinic yesterday was a bust. After ruling out everything else, my doctors now think this fucking cough is viral which is pretty much what I thought way back in November. I know they had to rule stuff out to be sure, but ffs. Now I’m on a decreasing steroid dose for the next two month to ween me off meds I most probably didn’t need. Plus I’m still coughing constantly. And waking up at night. And peeing myself. And no-one can help. Fun times. In better news, it was Wesker’s birthday. My pup turned five, so I spent too much and bought him new food and water bowls, some gluten-free treats (we switched him to gluten-free last summer as there’s a really teeny, tiny, non-scientific suggestion that it might contribute to seizures and he’s been seizure-free since then, go figure) plus some new cuddly toys which he...

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