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The Day All Was Still

By on Jan 8, 2016 in Corporate Puppet, family, Oh Mama |

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It’s so quiet here today. Like: peaceful quiet. It’s wonderful. There’s just the very, very faint rumble of traffic in the distance and the occasional (but lulling – I’ve always loved the sound of trains, even when I lived behind the overground line in London) drone of a passing train. My phone hasn’t rung. I’ve only had a couple of emails. Things are mesmerisingly still.

My last office? I looked right over that aforementioned train line. Even though I loved it, it didn’t help foster a healthy working environment so noisy and intrusive was it, particularly if I was in a meeting. Late summer I relocated (I still have my own office, but it overlooks the inside of the building, not out, and I’m an extra three floors up) and I can’t believe the difference. Students aren’t back yet (so neither are many academics!) but today’s just been zen-like in terms of quietness. Stillness. Calm.

Now I’ve written that, my afternoon will be horrendous, just you watch. That’ll teach me to enjoy my work.

My eyes were stinging all evening last night, so I tried to minimise laptop time by trying to keep offline when I got home (bar recording the Destructoid UK podcast, but that’s mostly talking, so that’s okay!). I fell asleep pretty early, I think, and certainly wasn’t away when my husband got home at just gone ten. I had uneasy dreams about family dogs being fatally wounded by gorillas (!) and when S woke up, he told me he’d dreamt that we’d been killed in a car accident when he was in his late teens and he had to live with his grandparents. Last night was not a good night for restful sleep in our household, it seems.

There’s no lie-in tomorrow as I’m off West to have my hair prettied by people who know how to prettyify my hair (I’ve tried finding a hairdresser closer and it was a nightmare – never again) but that’s okay – I’m way overdue, you guys. There are no other plans for the weekend. I should really make a start on sorting through our goddamn paperwork and filing/shredding/throwing but I start it about six times a year, make some headway, and then fucking stop. For reasons. If I had to guess, I’d say the weekend will include some cleaning, maybe a little filing work, but mostly lying in bed. Because that is the place I love best.