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The Day I Realised I’ve Only Seen 2016 From my Bedroom

By on Jan 4, 2016 in Geek Speak, health, Offline, tv |

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Getting kinda tired of watching 2016 slip past from within the confines of my bedroom.

Still feeling like complete shit. Still stuck in bed. Grumble grumble. I have a FitBit which monitors my sleeping patterns – it tells me that I’ve been restless/woken up 50+ times in the last two nights. Rad.

My second course of steroids finishes tomorrow and I don’t feel much improved at all. Bodes well.

Bed-ridden incarceration means I’ve been binge-watching things. I watched the TV movie of Stephen King’s Needful Things that was on over Christmas (omg it was terrible). I’m still watching too much Grey’s Anatomy. And today I’m watching Netflix’s Making a Murderer and omfg, how does this shit even happen? Seriously. Am only four episodes in and have no idea how the facts will fall (besides a quick Wikipedia search, which tells me Avery was ultimately committed for the murder) but if you’ve yet to see this documentary yet but have access to it, I urge you to check it out. It’s gobsmacking for all the wrong reasons.

I love documentaries. They are, without doubt, my favourite genre of TV. I indulge too much on the bad stuff – mostly those fly-on-the-wall things that have no merit at all – but I’ll watch pretty much any documentary, from weekly Panorama to stuff on Netflix – I just love knowing stuff. Hearing a perspective from the other side of the fence, you know? Over the holidays, in addition to my typical true life crime diet, I watched a doc about transgender teens, BBC Three’s Reggie Yates series about what it’s like to be a young man in 2016 Britain… fascinating stuff. Well. For me, anyways.

It was lovely when S came home from school. He made me a cup of tea, gave me a cuddle, promised to feed the dog for me. He’s amazing, actually. :) His Chemistry test went well, apparently – all his friends wanted to use the revision notes we wrote together yesterday. I am SuperMom. Heh.

I really am sick of sitting in this room, though. Sad face.