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The Day I Should Be More Like Kimmy Schimdt

By on Jan 13, 2016 in health, Offline, tv, writing |

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Feeling blah today. People – just by existing – are irritating me. I want to be alone and hide even though, if I’m honest, I’m mostly alone and hiding in work anyways.

I’m an idiot.

Last couple of days have been productive, both in and out of work. I watched the entire season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt and loved every second of it. I started sorting through that aforementioned Money Stuff bag and have shredded three-quarters of it (some of the letters/correspondence goes back to 2001. WTF) now. I have a writing deadline next Monday (am contributing to the next Game On! book – yay!), so have started thinking about writing for that (heh). I wrote up a user guide I need to write for a web development client (long story). It’s mostly been the perfect balance of busy without being overloaded, and I guess that’s as good as working things can ever be.

Last night I met my cousin for coffee, which was lovely, if over-too-soon. She’s adorable. You’d love her.

Have randomly been experiencing weird menstrual pain and toilet-only bleeding since yesterday, which is bizarre given I had my coil replaced a year ago and haven’t bled since. It’s not painful yet, just achy, but the achiness used to be the precursor for three days of white-hot agony and it’s clear my body has not forgotten this. It’s occurred to me that it may be connected to taking Prednisone, so I guess I’ll keep an eye on it. As I write this, though, I can feel the hot, slow, lazy swirls of spiky heat ebb and flow across my lower tummy and it doesn’t feel great at all. Woe is me etc.

Are you tired of me moaning about my health yet? It’s okay – I fucking am, too!