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The Day of the Asthma Clinic

By on Jan 6, 2016 in Corporate Puppet, family, health |

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My routine, annual visit to the Asthma Clinic yesterday was a bust. After ruling out everything else, my doctors now think this fucking cough is viral which is pretty much what I thought way back in November. I know they had to rule stuff out to be sure, but ffs. Now I’m on a decreasing steroid dose for the next two month to ween me off meds I most probably didn’t need. Plus I’m still coughing constantly. And waking up at night. And peeing myself. And no-one can help. Fun times.

In better news, it was Wesker’s birthday. My pup turned five, so I spent too much and bought him new food and water bowls, some gluten-free treats (we switched him to gluten-free last summer as there’s a really teeny, tiny, non-scientific suggestion that it might contribute to seizures and he’s been seizure-free since then, go figure) plus some new cuddly toys which he destroyed in four and a half seconds.

The only toys that last with him are… wait. I forget. Ruff Tuff? Tuff Stuff? Something like that. They cost a fortune, comparatively, but the snake we bought him when he went in for his MRI last Easter doesn’t have a hole in it. TL;DR: THEY ARE WORTH THE EXTRA CASH.


S came home from school BEYOND EXCITED. We lost a Sunday cramming for a Maths test just before Christmas, and he found out yesterday he scored 86%, which was top of the class and twice the class average (which was 43%. Just in case you suck at Maths). Am so, so proud of my little man. Our revision sessions aren’t always fun – I’m not always as patient as I should be – but man, they seem to work. Now we’re just waiting to see how Monday’s Chem test went.

Today’s the last day of my vacation. Sad times. I’ve been doing Dtoid work since the start of the week, but tomorrow I’ll be back at the day job desk, and my virtual IGN one. Though I’ve been ill for almost all of it, it’s been lovely not having to get up early, or put on make-up etc. That said, it might be good for my marriage to, like, look like a human occasionally.