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The Day With My Sister From Another Mister

By on Jan 18, 2016 in awesome, bff |

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My weekend was magnificent; stuffed full of love and laughter and good food and good times. I ate too much and drank too much and stayed up too late and I don’t even care. It was fabulous.

Sometimes I wonder if D and I have remained friends for 20+ years because we live 200 miles apart, and other times, I miss having her near with a ferocity that hurts. We’re lucky that our husbands too get on, as do our kids, so when we’re all together, the house is noisy with love and laughter. We don’t do much when we’re together – sit and watch TV, eat, and drink. We don’t need much, I guess (which is just as well, considering how shitty the weather was over the weekend).

Rather excitingly, we’re having an extra visit next month. We’re both in the wild a bit with childcare, and living so far away from each other doesn’t make it easy for us to arrange date nights and the like. But what we have decided to do is rely on each other a little more now the kids are older (and we can slot into each others lives as seamlessly as family [the nice kind, the kind of family you’d pick yourself if you could]). So next month, she and her husband are going away for a few days, and we’re having the kids for three nights. Then, providing we have the funds, they can reciprocate, possibly around my birthday in summer. The wonderful thing is not only are they excited about going away, but so are the kids! It should be lovely. Can’t wait.

In preparation for their visit, we did a whole house clean, which thankfully isn’t as traumatic as it used to be now I’ve thinned out our belongings and the TV room isn’t as overloaded as it used to be. Which was just as well, as M was unwell; he woke up Saturday uncharacteristically grumpy and with a sore throat, which isn’t super conducive for cleaning regime.

He maintains it hurts “so much” it MUST be tonsilitis. I maintain it is not.


Today was busy; busy, but productive. The first Game On! deadline fell today, but working on it before the weekend meant I only had to tweak it today and source images to get it in on time. The piece due Friday is more complex… I need to get going on that tomorrow, probably!

I ended up leaving work a little earlier than planned, though, as S called me in a bit of a panic. I think (but remain uncertain) that he might have witnessed the dog having a seizure. S tried to FaceTime me but tech failed us, so I jumped in the car. I stayed on the (car) phone during my drive home to keep S calm, as when he called he was quite upset. He said the dog was lying “funny” and drooling everywhere, which is one of his seizure symptoms.

By the time I got home W was just fine and S had calmed down, but I’ve noted it in the dog’s seizure calendar, just in case. We’ve not witnessed a seizure since last July and had hoped the medication had stopped them entirely, but c’est la vie – possibly not. :(

Whatever it was, it passed quickly, and the dog’s fine now. I’ll spend the evening have puppy snuggles, though, just to be safe. For science. Obvs.