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The Day With Nothing But Nothing Nothing Tra-La-La Blues

By on Jan 11, 2016 in awesome, family, health, Oh Mama |

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I’ve definitely turned a corner with my health.

Although I still have (gross) spells/spasms of coughing, they’re less frequent, and the cough – finally – seems productive now. Maybe it was a virus and it’s run its course, or maybe the steroids are finally doing their job. Whatever it is, I couldn’t be happier. (I know I write for living and therefore should try harder but omg, WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW RELIEVED I AM).

So guess what? Yesterday I did tackle that paperwork cluttering up my spare room! By the time I was done, I had dumped three or four rubbish bags, five or six shredded/recycling papers, and have reduced the monstrous pile of papers down to three neat little bags of paper: Money Stuff, House/Insurance stuff, Keep-For-Dem-Memories stuff.

I know: the next job is to go through all of them, too, but baby steps, right?

I can’t believe it’s Monday already, though. Can only assume that that early start on Saturday fucked me over, but getting up for work this morning was a killer. This was not helped by a night with a very restless puppy who kept moving about all night, constantly licking his lips and getting up and down off the bed. We found out last year that he seems to have an abnormally low body temperature even when he’s okay/otherwise well, but last night he was shaking and shivering so much, we pulled him under the covers with us (don’t judge, k). Poor thing. If it continues, I guess we’ll have another trip to the vet’s on the horizon.

In other news? News broke first thing this morning that David Bowie had died over the weekend. We weren’t passionate fans of his music in this house, but I’ve grown up with it. More importantly to me, I was the perfectly romantic and impressionable ten-year-old when I first watched Labyrinth, and I still consider it one of my favourite films of all-time. Playing it for S – and singing “You remind me of the babe!” “What babe?” The babe with the power!”  to him as we danced around the lounge – is one of those rites of passage I’ll never forget. As The World Falls Down and Within You remain two of my favourite love songs of all-time. I still say “Nothing? Nothing?! Tra-La-La” all the time. A very sad day indeed. :(