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The Day With Zero, Baby

By on Jan 7, 2016 in Corporate Puppet, Geek Speak |

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As first-days-back go, today was pretty sweet. Despite a horrible commute in the day job was quiet, which meant I hit my inbox with force, and have got all the 150+ emails received over Christmas sorted, actioned and filed, bar four (which I have to do tomorrow. But I can live with that).

I’m not very good at turning off my phone/emails when I’m not in work, but I have a semi-successful system now of turning off my phone notifications (visual noise on my phone HURTS MY BRAIN D:), but I do check it occasionally through the day. It enables me to the delete the oh-there’s-left-over-buffet-food emails from the important ones throughout my leave, and it means that when I come back, there’s only 75 emails needing my attention instead of 150.

This cannot be a bad thing.

My Destructoid account is pretty well-ordered, if frantic during US hours, and I also, very momentarily, got my Gmail inbox down to zero today. I KNOW, RIGHT?! AMAZING. It was broken within five minutes by a freelance work email (so I won’t complain – work emails are good emails!) but still… for a moment there, I felt like a fucking goddess.

I cheat a bit. Obvs. I have folders inside the Mailbox part, which I use to hold emails I’m waiting for replies for, emails from PR companies who are still waiting for a game review linkback, etc. But in terms of work I actually had to do? Emails that required my actual attention? ZERO, BABY.

Other good things happened, too. I (somehow) lost weight over Christmas, finally bringing my crappy weight-loss efforts to eight whole pounds. In addition to work falling into my inbox, I spent some time this morning sorting out M’s CV and emailing some agencies, as his long-term, but fixed-term, employment was scheduled to finish at the end of this month. He’s just called me to say that they think they’re going to be extended until April, and then – maybe – until August. THANK GOD. I won’t say it was keeping me up at night, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was starting to play on my mind…

It’s typical it bloody comes after I sent out the emails, but fuck it – no-one else is in charge of our destiny, so the fuck if I’m leaving it to fate. Chance. Whatevs.

Eyes are hurting though – they’ve never liked my workplace monitor, even with all kinds of mitigations in place. Gonna take some time to build up my resistance again! Tonight involves recording the DestrUKtoid podcast (I am making my triumphant return after a month off) and keeping my eyes closed. I hope.