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Accessibility Statement

Accessible Angel

In order to make this site as accessible as possible, I have studied accessibility code and am trying to ensure that visitors with screen readers or simply slow connections can access this site without difficulty. I now not only work to produce semantic W3C standard code and a structurally sound site, but also an accessible one, too.

As well as the default layout, all themes should be XHTML and CSS compliant at all times and meet the W3C’s 508 and WIA web content accessibility guidelines, too.

Access Keys

Most of the major browsers support access keys and you should be able to get around this site by using the following keys listed below. Windows users should press ALT + (access key) while Macintosh users need to press CMD + (access key). If you’re not sure how to use access keys with your browser, visit your browser’s home page.

Because of the nature of themes or skins, there are some areas of the site that are linked several times within the site. However, the keys below will take you to all the main areas:



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