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Quote of the Day (6/365)

on Jan 6, 2014

You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough.

— Mae West

The day with the missing childhood

on Jan 6, 2014

Retail therapy fixes everything. Right? Right. (Well. Besides money problems. BUT LET’S GLOSS OVER THAT SHALL WE.) Took S out for a Last Hurray at Starbucks, where we bathed in hazelhut hot chocs and scrummy blueberry muffins. Then I picked up some make-up – have been running on empty tubes since way before Christmas – and some veg for dinner. Probably shouldn’t have, but I also treated S to a onesie. Hehe. He didn’t own one (and kind of failed to see the appeal), but we were going past Next and saw an awesome Angry Birds one, and he was swayed by the plain black – but SUPER fluffy – material. Had to buy age 11-12yrs, even though he’s only just turned ten. WTF. Where’s my little boy gone?!

Protected: The day with the reset

on Jan 6, 2014

The post here is protected, probably because I’m ranting about something (read: someone) in my life and am trying to spare feelings. You don’t have to miss out, though. Providing we’re somewhat acquainted (but don’t share DNA), you can ask for the password via my contact page!

Quote of the Day (5/365)

on Jan 5, 2014

If you can’t hold on – hold on.

— The Killers

Quote of the Day (4/365)

on Jan 4, 2014

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

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