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The Day With My Sister From Another Mister

on Jan 18, 2016

My weekend was magnificent; stuffed full of love and laughter and good food and good times. I ate too much and drank too much and stayed up too late and I don’t even care. It was fabulous. Sometimes I wonder if D and I have remained friends for 20+ years because we live 200 miles apart, and other times, I miss having her near with a ferocity that hurts. We’re lucky that our husbands too get on, as do our kids, so when we’re all together, the house is noisy with love and laughter. We don’t do much when we’re together – sit and watch TV, eat, and drink. We don’t need much, I guess (which is just as well, considering how shitty the weather was over the weekend). Rather excitingly, we’re having an extra visit next month. We’re both in the wild a bit with childcare, and living so far away from each other doesn’t make it easy for us...

The Day I Talked to You About YNAB

on Jan 12, 2016

I want to talk to you about debt. Before you sniff in a derisory way and presume this is a sponsored post, I assure you – it’s not. But given I’m (probably) older than you, and have (probably) dealt with more debt that you, and – for the first time in my thirty-coughcough years – finally feel in control of my cash, I’ve been thinking for some time about talking to you about how I eventually put things right. And though I am not remotely an expert and can only talk to you from my own perspective… it’s my perspective, you know? And if this helps just one person, I’ll be happy. Like: Super Mario happy. This is likely to be pretty long, as I think it’s important to give some context as to how we got to where we were before I managed to pull ourselves out of it again. Some of it isn’t embarrassing, but some of it really...

The Day With Nothing But Nothing Nothing Tra-La-La Blues

on Jan 11, 2016

I’ve definitely turned a corner with my health. Although I still have (gross) spells/spasms of coughing, they’re less frequent, and the cough – finally – seems productive now. Maybe it was a virus and it’s run its course, or maybe the steroids are finally doing their job. Whatever it is, I couldn’t be happier. (I know I write for living and therefore should try harder but omg, WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW RELIEVED I AM). So guess what? Yesterday I did tackle that paperwork cluttering up my spare room! By the time I was done, I had dumped three or four rubbish bags, five or six shredded/recycling papers, and have reduced the monstrous pile of papers down to three neat little bags of paper: Money Stuff, House/Insurance stuff, Keep-For-Dem-Memories stuff. I know: the next job is to go through all of them, too, but baby steps, right? I can’t believe...

The Day With Springboard, Seizures and Skids

on May 25, 2015

I hate that blogging is the first thing to hit the skids when I’m busy. Loads of stuff has happened since I was last here. It’s ridiculous. I’ve kept a journal since I was S’s age because I love looking back and remembering thoughts and feelings from long-gone memories, but the older I get, the harder it is to make time for this kind of activity, and that makes me sad. The dog’s been unwell. Like: properly unwell. About six months ago I thought I’d notice him having strange, trembling episodes that lasted 30-60 seconds. He looked okay when they were happening — lucid, and not particularly distressed by them. We took him to the vet sometime before Christmas, and she said just to keep an eye on it. Any kind of intervention would require a MRI etc. and a general anaesthetic, so if they weren’t bothering him too much (and they really...

The Day With 2015

on Jan 2, 2015

I was totally going to start with a Back to the Future joke. Be grateful that I didn’t. Our best friends from down south joined us for New Year. It was touch and go for a bit – their eldest was vomiting less than twenty four hours before they reached us – but thankfully it all worked out, and although J started to feel unwell whilst here, we got through the three days with zero vomit. EXCELLENT. It did put a bit of a dampner on activities as we didn’t quite manage a meal out or anything, but we watched the Inbetweeners 2 whilst waiting for the clock to strike midnight (it was amazing – better than the original film), and then popped a bottle of Cava and watched the fireworks on TV. It was low key, but wonderful. I felt love and loved and really, what else can you ask for? As I said a year ago, resolutions and I don’t mix. The goals I set myself...

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