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The Day I Fell Over

on Jan 12, 2015

Still haven’t shaken the tiredness. Slept in Saturday and yesterday, although the latter was chiefly because getting out of bed yesterday morning saw me fall over. Hmm. Labyrinthitis and/or anaemia still raging, it seems. Weekend was, perhaps predictably, low key. S spent most of Saturday out with his buddy, whilst M caught up with the football and I roamed the galaxy as Destiny Guardians are wont to do. Didn’t play Far Cry 4 even though I really wanted to; the lounge is just too far downstairs, you guys. Also missed my first 365 day. Yep, I’m disappointed in myself too. The best thing about falling on my arse, however, is that it makes my husband realise that this is a real thing with real problems. He spent yesterday being a very efficient carer, which bodes well for our silver years. I spent the morning feeling really, really horrible, but gradually felt less...

The Day There Were PLANS, Baby

on Jan 5, 2015

If nothing else, today was awesome because everyone had to go back to work and I didn’t. (And just to rub it in a little more, I’ve also booked off tomorrow, too. I know: you hate me. I don’t care, though). It’s been a quiet day. Spent the day not doing very much, initially a little bit of stitching and then, latterly, trying to clear some documentaries off the Sky+ Planner. S was in school and M in work from 2pm, so it was unnaturally quiet once M had left – my first alone time since before Christmas, I guess. Thankfully I had birthday dog Wesker (Four! He’s FOUR!) to keep me company – and my toes warm – until it was time to pick S up. Whilst I was off from the day job, IGN never sleeps, so whilst I didn’t write anything today, I subbed and pitched a few things. Also decluttered my inbox, which – despite my best efforts to...

The Day I Wasn’t Feeling Too Great

on Jan 3, 2015

Have not been feeling too great today. I suspect I’ve inherited the lurgy our Friend-Family left yesterday. I’ve not felt sick – at least, not yet – but my plumbing isn’t working quite as it should. Ugh. Hence, it’s been a low-key kinda day. I’ve spent most of it in bed, watching TV/YouTube and then, latterly, cross-stitching. Since sinking the opening couple of chapters of Russell Brand’s Revolution (a Christmas gift), I jumped on YouTube to check out some of his latter interviews, mainly his Newsnight appearances and interviews with Paxman, Snow etc. Initially, I was really turned off his grandiose, apathetic brand of politics – but reading the book adds meat to the bones of his objectives. Am I convinced by it? Nope. I don’t think anyone can achieve change by the inertia of not voting. But beyond the headlines,...

The Day With 2015

on Jan 2, 2015

I was totally going to start with a Back to the Future joke. Be grateful that I didn’t. Our best friends from down south joined us for New Year. It was touch and go for a bit – their eldest was vomiting less than twenty four hours before they reached us – but thankfully it all worked out, and although J started to feel unwell whilst here, we got through the three days with zero vomit. EXCELLENT. It did put a bit of a dampner on activities as we didn’t quite manage a meal out or anything, but we watched the Inbetweeners 2 whilst waiting for the clock to strike midnight (it was amazing – better than the original film), and then popped a bottle of Cava and watched the fireworks on TV. It was low key, but wonderful. I felt love and loved and really, what else can you ask for? As I said a year ago, resolutions and I don’t mix. The goals I set myself...

The day after the night before

on Jan 8, 2014

So. Yesterday was a bit shit, wasn’t it? I’m trying hard not to panic. It’s not easy, but what does panicking accomplish? FUCK ALL, that’s what. Watching Celebrity Big Brother helps – I can channel my frustration at that smarmy prick from Blue. I’m also teaching myself video editing on the fly, which is keeping me occupied in the evenings. Not sure I mentioned it here (and if I did, there’s only a couple of us and some dust bunnies reading, so no-one can be blamed for forgetting), but Saturday night I stopped putting it off and did my first recording session (please watch/like/subscribe, even if you unsubscribe at a later date – help give my vids a push and make my NY resolution a reality!). I constantly talk to myself when gaming anyway, so it wasn’t hugely different from my typical Saturday night, and it’s been fun teaching...

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