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The Day With Zero, Baby

on Jan 7, 2016

As first-days-back go, today was pretty sweet. Despite a horrible commute in the day job was quiet, which meant I hit my inbox with force, and have got all the 150+ emails received over Christmas sorted, actioned and filed, bar four (which I have to do tomorrow. But I can live with that). I’m not very good at turning off my phone/emails when I’m not in work, but I have a semi-successful system now of turning off my phone notifications (visual noise on my phone HURTS MY BRAIN D:), but I do check it occasionally through the day. It enables me to the delete the oh-there’s-left-over-buffet-food emails from the important ones throughout my leave, and it means that when I come back, there’s only 75 emails needing my attention instead of 150. This cannot be a bad thing. My Destructoid account is pretty well-ordered, if frantic during US hours, and I also, very...

The Day I Realised I’ve Only Seen 2016 From my Bedroom

on Jan 4, 2016

Getting kinda tired of watching 2016 slip past from within the confines of my bedroom. Still feeling like complete shit. Still stuck in bed. Grumble grumble. I have a FitBit which monitors my sleeping patterns – it tells me that I’ve been restless/woken up 50+ times in the last two nights. Rad. My second course of steroids finishes tomorrow and I don’t feel much improved at all. Bodes well. Bed-ridden incarceration means I’ve been binge-watching things. I watched the TV movie of Stephen King’s Needful Things that was on over Christmas (omg it was terrible). I’m still watching too much Grey’s Anatomy. And today I’m watching Netflix’s Making a Murderer and omfg, how does this shit even happen? Seriously. Am only four episodes in and have no idea how the facts will fall (besides a quick Wikipedia search, which tells me Avery was...

The Day I Nearly Played Worms with a Famous Person

on Oct 23, 2012

Note the word “nearly”. Got a random DM on Twitter last night from a colleague in PR, asking if I was free for a Top Secret Project™ this morning. I was, so he promptly sent over a code for an XBLA game, instructions to be online for about 8.45am and then casually dropped into conversation a Very Famous Name1. Cue: excitement. I have an odd relationship with celebrity. I don’t care much for it – or them – but this was a name you’d instantly recognise, and one you probably admire. So I said yes and allowed myself to get a bit excited about it all. ‘Course, it all fell apart. These things almost almost do. His People were faffing about with Other People, the selected game changed, then the time, and then the whole thing was eventually scrapped. It’s okay, though. It reminded me of how great things are now, what incredible opportunities...

The Day I Started Over

on Oct 21, 2012

Why, hello there. I’m Vixx. You might remember me from such posts as The Day I Ate a Strawberry-coated Mackerel, The Day I Didn’t Think This Was a Good Idea and The Day All Hospitals Are Shit. I’ve spent the last few days privatising over fifteen hundred blog entries in an attempt to start over. It’s not because I’m embarrassed at what lies here because – to be honest – I’m not particularly. They’re part of my life and the stupid, juvenile posts exist only because I was being completely stupid and juvenile at the time. They’re who I am – or, at least, who I used to be. Not all of it’s pretty, no, but there’s no denying that they got me to where I am now … so I can no more denounce them than I can my blue eyes or fat thighs. Nope, I’ve put them away because ten years ago, when I started this stuff?...

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