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The Day I Was Not as Well as I Thought I Was

on Jan 3, 2016

Thought I was feeling better today. Had a lie-in, did some homework (the reproductive system – mad lolz) and revision with S, and then M came home with the groceries and I put stuff away and ended up doing my gross vom-cough I-can’t-catch-my-breath-thing for twenty intense minutes. Not fun. Not at all. I spent most of yesterday in bed, willing myself to get better. I don’t cough as much if I’m still, so I did a lot of computery stuff from the comfort of my bed (new logo – yay!), balanced the budget etc., watched the new Sherlock episode and then a lot of Grey’s Anatomy (again). The boys went to the footie, so it was essentially just Wesker and me lying in bed, chilling. It was nice. M came home with a KFC bucket. I felt better. Apparently not, though. So I’m back in bed. S has Chemistry revision to do, so I’m doing it with him. Am trying...

Protected: The Day Everything Was Just Exhausting

on Jan 9, 2015

The post here is protected, probably because I’m ranting about something (read: someone) in my life and am trying to spare feelings. You don’t have to miss out, though. Providing we’re somewhat acquainted (but don’t share DNA), you can ask for the password via my contact page!

The Day Everything Got A Bit Serious

on Jan 8, 2015

I want to talk about Ched Evans. I know: yesterday I was all serious, too. But I’ve been thinking about this a lot, so I thought I’d lay out my thoughts here. Feel free to disregard ’em. If you’ve been reading here awhile, you’ll know that I’m something of a bleeding heart. I don’t believe in the death penalty, I don’t believe in imprisonment for imprisonment’s sake, I believe in immigration and I believe that the state should support those unable to support themselves. I believe that drug users are ill, not criminals, and I believe the NHS is one of the greatest things to ever come out of our country. I also believe that it’s highly unlikely that in 2015, our government would support such a philanthropic gesture again. All in all, I’m a bit of a soft touch, which is probably why I believe that when someone has been...

The Day With Some Perspective

on Jan 7, 2015

Here I was, fingers poised, ready to write about my day and first-day-back-at-work and then something horrific happens and you realise none of it matters. Not when twelve people went into work this morning and will never come back. My day’s been fucking amazing in comparison. Who gives a shit that my commute was crap and I have a bit of a headache?

The Day With Lots of Sleep

on Jan 6, 2015

7.30pm last night, I get a call from my husband. He’d popped out to the car during his break and now it won’t start. It’s not chugging, or clicking, or anything. Key turns and there’s an abundance of sweet fuck all. Marvellous. Even though I knew I’d have to wake him again at 9.45pm, I sent S to bed anyway. He’s eleven, and whilst he might think he’s totally grown up and able to stay up until 10pm without issue, I’m his mother and I know damned well that he turns into the antichrist if he chips so much as even an hour off his ten-hours-a-night sleep schedule. So I wake him, bundle him up in his onesie and a slanket – just for good measure – and we make the fifteen minute journey to M’s place of work. I am so glad he doesn’t work forty-five minutes away any more. Get there, with my brother tailing behind as he has...

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