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The Day I Was a Horrible Blogger

on Jan 1, 2016

I know. I’m sorry. If I thought it would work, I’d have picked you up some cheap flowers from the Co-op to make up for my disappearance. But I’m back. Woot. Let’s move on. After all, it’s a new year, and a new year is always the best (worst?!) time for a new start, right?!

The day with 2014

on Jan 1, 2014

Well, look who’s crawled out of the arse-end of 2013 and blogging a’fresh, like every other two-bit blogger in the blogosphere? I know. I have no shame. How are you then? Keeping well? Your hair looks fab, by the way. Have you lost weight? Insert other niceties here, and I’ll gloss over the startling absence – again – with hot, stabby nonchalance. If I told you I’ll miss 2013 I’d by lying. I know. The end of 2012? It wasn’t great. But I spent a huge part of 2013 (probably) clinically depressed, self-medicating with chocolate and tears and struggling to get out of bed. The tail end of 2012 was crap, but it was in 2013 where I hit rock bottom. Thankfully, I’m on the up again now; I have a job, steady writing work, and the promise of other things twinkling in my not-too-distant future. But I’ll always remember 2013 for the turd...

The day with the unruly website

on Feb 17, 2013

I hate technology. Well. I don’t. Obviously. I’M BLOGGING, for Christ’s sake. But I hate how at it’s mercy we are. Over the last week Amelie’s been “helping” (read: doing it all) move my sites off Dreamhost and over to my new host, A Small Orange. And everything’s dandy-o. As I type this, FA is sitting in it’s new home, snuggled in comfortably, probably wearing sweats and slippers and snuggled up under a cosy blanket with hot cocoa. All is well. GGS, however? GGS is all in black, smoking pot, throwing its arms around and wailing about the UNFAIRNESS OF IT ALL, GODDAMMIT. I don’t know what’s happened. Twenty-four hours ago, the site was sitting on the new server and responding quickly and politely. This morning, however, it had completely bugged out on us, spewing up ridiculous errors and ACTUALLY BEING SLOWER than my DH...

The day with the test

on Feb 12, 2013

This is just one of those posts to help me differentiate between my new server, and the one that I’m leaving. So. You know. Nothing exciting is happening here. Well, if you ignore the fact I’m leaving Dreamhost after seven years. I loved them so hard for so long, but seriously … they’ve been getting steadily worse, with increasingly less helpful support and increasingly shitty reliability. Also. Pancake Day is awesome. That is all.

The day there was suddenly a new theme

on Jan 31, 2013

WTFOMGBBQ. INORITE? Sorry, guys. Apparently, I’m so contrary that even if I tell myself something, I have to go and do the very opposite. It’s Oppositional Defiance Disorder of the very highest degree. So. Yeah. New theme. Not hand-made. This is the first time in – what? Six years? Seven? Ever? – where I haven’t self-crafted a theme, but WordPress has changed quite considerably since I last poked under the hood, and whilst I’m as efficient as any developer at tweaking someone else’s code, it turns out that I’m less concerned about bringing my own up to scratch than I thought. Plus it was time for a change. Time to move on. And I wanted something different without having to code something difficult. Heh. And I know what you’re thinking. Pictures? Really, Vik? I understand – this is indeed a bit of a departure for me. But...

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