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The day there still wasn’t a new theme

on Jan 31, 2013

I know. I need a new theme. But I still like this theme, so each time I’m forced to consider changing it something in me knee-jerks dramatically and runs off sobbing into a corner. Sure, this theme is old and a bit broken but never in life have I stumbled across so perfect a metaphor of ME. Guess what, world? I am old and a bit broken. DEAL WITH IT.

The Day I Started Over

on Oct 21, 2012

Why, hello there. I’m Vixx. You might remember me from such posts as The Day I Ate a Strawberry-coated Mackerel, The Day I Didn’t Think This Was a Good Idea and The Day All Hospitals Are Shit. I’ve spent the last few days privatising over fifteen hundred blog entries in an attempt to start over. It’s not because I’m embarrassed at what lies here because – to be honest – I’m not particularly. They’re part of my life and the stupid, juvenile posts exist only because I was being completely stupid and juvenile at the time. They’re who I am – or, at least, who I used to be. Not all of it’s pretty, no, but there’s no denying that they got me to where I am now … so I can no more denounce them than I can my blue eyes or fat thighs. Nope, I’ve put them away because ten years ago, when I started this stuff?...

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