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The Day I Should Be More Like Kimmy Schimdt

on Jan 13, 2016

Feeling blah today. People – just by existing – are irritating me. I want to be alone and hide even though, if I’m honest, I’m mostly alone and hiding in work anyways. I’m an idiot. Last couple of days have been productive, both in and out of work. I watched the entire season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt and loved every second of it. I started sorting through that aforementioned Money Stuff bag and have shredded three-quarters of it (some of the letters/correspondence goes back to 2001. WTF) now. I have a writing deadline next Monday (am contributing to the next Game On! book – yay!), so have started thinking about writing for that (heh). I wrote up a user guide I need to write for a web development client (long story). It’s mostly been the perfect balance of busy without being overloaded, and I guess that’s as good as working things...

The Day I Was All About the Rock N Roll

on Jan 9, 2016

Oh my god, I’m tired. Like: obscenely so. I got home from work yesterday around 4.30pm and went straight up to bed, where I dozed until 8ish when M came home, and then properly went off for the next around ten. Rock n roll, baby. No lie in courtesy of the hairdresser call (it looks lovely – yay for prettified hairs, even if it did take five bloody hours), and now I’m home I feel exactly the same, at exactly the same time; exhausted. Even my bones feel tired. I cleaned the bedroom; wiped down the windows, swept the floor, feather-dusted, dusted and polished. And that’s it, friends. I have done nothing else. Just watched a couple of shows on planner in order to clear the Sky+/DVR box, and then a couple of The Offices on Netflix. That’s it. I’m now just waiting for my dinner, chiefly so that I can change into my jammies and go to bed. And I’m not...

The Day I Realised I’ve Only Seen 2016 From my Bedroom

on Jan 4, 2016

Getting kinda tired of watching 2016 slip past from within the confines of my bedroom. Still feeling like complete shit. Still stuck in bed. Grumble grumble. I have a FitBit which monitors my sleeping patterns – it tells me that I’ve been restless/woken up 50+ times in the last two nights. Rad. My second course of steroids finishes tomorrow and I don’t feel much improved at all. Bodes well. Bed-ridden incarceration means I’ve been binge-watching things. I watched the TV movie of Stephen King’s Needful Things that was on over Christmas (omg it was terrible). I’m still watching too much Grey’s Anatomy. And today I’m watching Netflix’s Making a Murderer and omfg, how does this shit even happen? Seriously. Am only four episodes in and have no idea how the facts will fall (besides a quick Wikipedia search, which tells me Avery was...

The day our thoughts were with Boston

on Apr 15, 2013

Such tragic, senseless violence. Already this attack is being cheapened and degraded by racism that chokes social media platforms even in this immediate aftermath. It’s a sad, endlessly self-perpetuating circle of hate. The attack itself is horrific – mindless and brutal and uncompromisingly evil – and yet the poisonous, racist igorance that spews forth in its wake is no better. I had been hoping it was accidental. Gas leak, perhaps. As I write this we don’t know who or what caused this; two blasts have been confirmed, with rumours of other, unexploded devices reported around the city. New York is on high alert. Hotels are being evacuated. I know that in a post-9/11 world we’re rarely complacent, but as anniversaries of such atrocities pass, I keep hoping – desperately – that we’re past the point in the evolution of our species where one...

The day with … not much, really

on Feb 2, 2013

Lazy day. Hard to believe that a weekend can be distinctly different when you don’t have an office job to go to but … here I am. Living proof. Highlight was watching the opening two episodes of The Following which had been sitting on our planner, unviewed, for a little while now. Can’t believe we let them idle like that. Perfectly gross and intriguing in equal measures, it’s 2012/3’s answer to Jack Bauer with some extreme Dexterish homicide stuffed in for good measure. We’d only watched it as a time-filler before the rugby, too – in truth, I wasn’t that bothered. After munching lunch and wondering how to waste time before the Rugby came on (Ireland SMASHED Wales; oh, the irony of “wasting time” when the game was nothing but a colossal waste of time anyway), we thought we’d give it a whirl. M – whose stomach is...

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