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Sweet F.A.?

About the Name

As some of you will know - but many of you won't - the term "furious angel(s)" comes from Rob Dougan's incredible album and song of the same name. It's one of those tracks that you think you haven't heard but probably have - although I would bet a steak dinner that you probably haven't heard the version with lyrics. Anyway, it also just so happens to be the perfect name for the online home of a little blonde malcontent.

To be honest, when I checked it's availability, I couldn't believe that it was still up for taking - whether you're a Rob D fan or not, you simply can't deny that the phrase itself is stunning, full of wonderful imagery and emotion. The lyrics, too, are amazing; with words like death, bleeding, bullet, needle and wound, I think it's a much more accurate depiction of falling in love than some of the more flowery offerings people sing about. I love it and I'm still - even after all these years - so, so fucking proud to have it as my personal domain.

If you haven't guessed, if you don't own that album, you really, really should.

(Psst: btw - no, this isn't a pole dancing site. Honest. I think you're looking for the site with the 'uk' in the domain. Don't get me wrong - pay me enough and I'm sure I'd dance around for you. I'm just not sure you'd get true value for money with me as your night's entertainment ... )

Previous Layouts

I've had many interchangeable skins since I implemented skinning and, later, a theme switcher. Below are themes that have since been retired but kept here for prosperity. Which ones do you remember? :)

Furious-Angel: Angel Furious-Angel: Strawberries Furious-Angel: Music In You Furious-Angel: Noticeboard had just two disguises before I added multiple themes to the site. As this domain was, at the time, merely just my blog and nothing more (everything else lived at my then sister-site I simply didn't see the need.

Furious-Angel Layout 1: Beginning - 12th May 2004 Furious-Angel Layout 2: 12th May 2004 - 22nd May 2005


The domain was bought in 2004 through Go Daddy. I currently own dozens of domains and wouldn't consider using another registrar I'm that happy with them.

Furious Angel was hosted at Dreamhost for over a decade, but I found their ailing customer service and intense pressure to switch to VPS all too much, and eventually switched to A Small Orange, where I've now been living happily for a couple of years. I wouldn't have been able to make it without the help and patience of the lovely Amelie!

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