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Why Registering Here Makes Sense

Firstly, no-one has to sign up. Okay?

I have a rule here. I never type anything that – should they happen across these pages one day – could potentially hurt or embarrass someone I love. (Embarrassing myself, however, is less of a problem and something I indulge in with frequent abandon). When I had five visitors a week this was hardly a problem, and I was able to bitch and whine without fear of censorship or repercussion. But it’s become necessary to remember this rule and ensure that I think before I type.

I don’t want to censor myself. The whole point of this place is to give my words a home, and having to edit and/or erase my thoughts and words accordingly seems to defeat the purpose. As such, I’ve now activated a simple little system that enables me to keep track of who does – and doesn’t – have access to some of the more sensitive posts here. It means that I can post freely and know that my brother isn’t reading it.

Unless we share DNA or postal code – or you’ve had the misfortune to meet me in real life – there’s no reason at all why I wouldn’t approve your registration. Even if I don’t know you, this is fine – hell, it’s great from my point of view. Just don’t be offended if I email you back and ask who you are and how you got here . . . you know, just in case. ;)

I swear on all that is holy and I will not sell your email address or do anything remotely unscruplous with it. I promise to love, honour and protect it, as long as we both shall live.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions at all about this!

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