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Not Angelic ...

All About Me

Fantasy Vixx in fantasy art form. (Candi is unduly flattering!)

Fantasy Vixx in fantasy art form. (Candi is unduly flattering!)

I spend too much time playing and writing about video games, enough that I write professionally about them for places like IGN, Eurogamer, GamesRadar, and Destructoid. I know. I can't believe I get paid to do this, either.

I think that The Office is possibly one of the greatest TV shows of our time (I own my own Dundie, dude). Whilst I love fucked-up horror games, books and all things geek, other indulgences include Ben & Jerrys ice-cream (Cookie Dough), strong tea (made in a pot, please), gin (with tonic), chocolate (any way it's given), doctors (naked preferably), talking too much, complaining and swearing profusely. I am a natural blonde, a Diet Coke junkie and kind of NSFW ...

I'm passionate about equality and human rights. I drive too fast and watch too much TV. I do not do pink. I do not do fluffy. I own nothing with sequins or glitter and although I'm kind of a geeky female of the species, I also happen to wear make-up and highlight my hair. I don't believe in stereotyping people and neither should you.

I live with my disgustingly gorgeous husband, our beautiful son, and our very handsome black labrador, called Wesker, in South Wales, UK. Yes, I am the very definition of a Smug Married.

Feel free to browse around and never be afraid to say hello or drop me a comment or email. Twitter is probably the best way to get ahold of me - follow me at _vixx (don't forget that underscore!)