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Charity Begins at Home

Worthwhile Charitable Causes

As I frequently lament, I can't stand national charity days and I don't give money to Comic Relief or Children in Need or any other of the gazillion 'special' days the UK throws up with regular, reckless abandon. As worthwhile as these causes can be - and the publicity and donations these days generate - I'd prefer to give regular donations to charities of my choosing. Having worked firsthand in an incredible charity, I know that it is donations that are very often the lifebood of many of these organisations and without them, they'd simply dry up and have to cease their worthwhile work - so it's important to me to know where the money is going (even if I don't know specifically what it's being used for).

If you're looking to give something back yourself, I urge you to do the same and support the work of any of these amazing, tireless organisations listed below. Many of these listed are UK-based, but don't let that stop you - Google is your friend. :) Take a look at what charities serve where you live.

I'm currently a volunteer for Barnardo's and Age Concern. I also give regular, monthly contributions to the following charities (listed alphabetically):

Cancer Research UK Dogs' Trust (I sponsor Mickey Brown) Great Ormond Street Help the Aged NSPCC Childrens' Charity World Wildlife Fund

I don't regularly donate to the following (although I'd desperately like to), but I do whatever I can, whenever I can, and urge anyone to support their work if you're in a position to do so:

CWAC UK Endometriosis UK Wales Council for the Blind