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Burning To Know …?


How come you’re Vixx at some places and Vix at others?
I live in a world where Vixx is a surprisingly common Internet username. As such, I’ve had to use variations over the years. That’s all there is to it.

Why do you sign EVERYTHING with “V xx”?
Not sure why or how it started, but from my very first forum post ever online, I just always have. The few times I haven’t, people call me on it, so it’s second nature now!

Where can I learn to design and code like you?
My first instinct is to tell you to go someplace else to learn. I feel that neither my design or coding skills should be imitated anywhere. The truth is I’m still learning design, my coding skills are crap and there are a million other people who could teach you much better than I (a load of which you can see on my exits page).

When did you first start learning HTML, CSS and PHP?
The first site I ever designed myself was a Silent Hill shrine collective called White Noiz, a site that I had attached to my original and fairly popular Silent Hill fansite, But as Yates did all of the design and I didn’t feel comfortable a) playing with that or b) fucking it up, instead I figured that a small personal site would give me the freedom to experiment in peace. I learnt by peeking at (but NEVER copying!) other people’s codes and sources, bugging my friends and experimenting at every opportunity I had. A few months later I then took some courses in DreamWeaver and HTML to help firm up my knowledge. These days, however, I pretty much code by hand just using Notepad – it’s easier and more specific that way and I’m much more comfortable sat in front of NotePad than I am Frontpage or DW. When I think about it, I think I’ve learnt a lot in quite a short space of time, but I still get frustrated on a regular basis when I can’t do everything I want. :P

Will you help me design my site/install a script for me?
Unfortunately, no. I’d love to help but to be honest, if I had loads of free time I’d be spending it doing my own site(s), you know? However,you can always find me at (screename Vixx), and the staff and members there are awesome. They were completely invaluable to me when it came to getting to grips with PHP and no doubt they’ll do the same for you. :)

Are you hosting?
Nope, sorry. :( But check out to find someone who is!

Can we affiliate?
I don’t do the whole affiliation thing anymore. There’s no need to ask if you wish to link to me – of course, I’m flattered! And if you comment a bit and I get to know you, I’m happy to reciprocate. :)

How come there you post pictures of your son online but not of yourself?
I don’t think that there are many photos of S – just a few here and there – and the ones that are posted are harmless and can’t be interpreted or changed to suggest anything else, so I have no problems with posting a handful. Oh, and the reason there are no pictures of me? It’s particularly to do with safety, and particularly due to me being seriously phobic about having my photo taken. There are one or two scattered across the boards I visit, but that’s pretty much it.

How come you don’t post much on the SHH/CodeGrrl/etc. forums anymore?
I’ve been a big participator in the Silent Hill “community” for literally years – since the very first game – and a lot has changed as the game’s received higher acclaim and popularity. With literally thousands of members to keep up with – not to mention threads that have, quite literally, been posted hundreds of times before – I tend to fade a little more into the background that I used to and observe more than I participate. Behind the scenes though I’m just as active as ever and I can never see my love of SH – or SHHF – ever waning. :)

What the hell is happening with Silent Hill Heaven? How come you’re not updating?
Hey, keep up! I FINALLY re-opened in the summer of 2009! Go check it out – it’s thoroughly awesome now. There’s a new look and everything!

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