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The day with … not much, really

on Feb 2, 2013

Lazy day. Hard to believe that a weekend can be distinctly different when you don’t have an office job to go to but … here I am. Living proof. Highlight was watching the opening two episodes of The Following which had been sitting on our planner, unviewed, for a little while now. Can’t believe we let them idle like that. Perfectly gross and intriguing in equal measures, it’s 2012/3’s answer to Jack Bauer with some extreme Dexterish homicide stuffed in for good measure. We’d only watched it as a time-filler before the rugby, too – in truth, I wasn’t that bothered. After munching lunch and wondering how to waste time before the Rugby came on (Ireland SMASHED Wales; oh, the irony of “wasting time” when the game was nothing but a colossal waste of time anyway), we thought we’d give it a whirl. M – whose stomach is...

Protected: The day with one step forward, 399 steps back

on Feb 1, 2013

If the post here is protected, it’s probably because I’m ranting about something (read: someone) in my life and am trying to spare feelings. You don’t have to miss out, though. Providing we’re somewhat acquainted (but don’t share DNA), you can ask for the password on my contact page!

The day there was suddenly a new theme

on Jan 31, 2013

WTFOMGBBQ. INORITE? Sorry, guys. Apparently, I’m so contrary that even if I tell myself something, I have to go and do the very opposite. It’s Oppositional Defiance Disorder of the very highest degree. So. Yeah. New theme. Not hand-made. This is the first time in – what? Six years? Seven? Ever? – where I haven’t self-crafted a theme, but WordPress has changed quite considerably since I last poked under the hood, and whilst I’m as efficient as any developer at tweaking someone else’s code, it turns out that I’m less concerned about bringing my own up to scratch than I thought. Plus it was time for a change. Time to move on. And I wanted something different without having to code something difficult. Heh. And I know what you’re thinking. Pictures? Really, Vik? I understand – this is indeed a bit of a departure for me. But...

The day there still wasn’t a new theme

on Jan 31, 2013

I know. I need a new theme. But I still like this theme, so each time I’m forced to consider changing it something in me knee-jerks dramatically and runs off sobbing into a corner. Sure, this theme is old and a bit broken but never in life have I stumbled across so perfect a metaphor of ME. Guess what, world? I am old and a bit broken. DEAL WITH IT.

The Day I Was Recapping

on Jan 23, 2013

I’ve been nose-deep in my archives. 2002. 2003. Pre- and post-pregnancy highs and lows. Whining about my ex-ex-job and my ex-ex-colleagues. Family woes. FEELINGS. Too many of those. Mostly sad ones but the occasion happy one jammed in there too. It’s odd; some events are still day-glo bright memories, others are long, long lost in the swirls and whirls of my mind. I complained a lot – some things justifiable, many of them were not. It’s amazing how simultaneously familiar and alien that Vikki is to the one I live within now.

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