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The Day of the Asthma Clinic

on Jan 6, 2016

My routine, annual visit to the Asthma Clinic yesterday was a bust. After ruling out everything else, my doctors now think this fucking cough is viral which is pretty much what I thought way back in November. I know they had to rule stuff out to be sure, but ffs. Now I’m on a decreasing steroid dose for the next two month to ween me off meds I most probably didn’t need. Plus I’m still coughing constantly. And waking up at night. And peeing myself. And no-one can help. Fun times. In better news, it was Wesker’s birthday. My pup turned five, so I spent too much and bought him new food and water bowls, some gluten-free treats (we switched him to gluten-free last summer as there’s a really teeny, tiny, non-scientific suggestion that it might contribute to seizures and he’s been seizure-free since then, go figure) plus some new cuddly toys which he...

The Day I Recapped 2015 For You

on Jan 5, 2016

1. What did you do in 2015 that you’d never done before? Landed my first editorial staff job (at Dtoid). Not too shabby. I also contributed to my first book. Yay. 2. Did you keep your new years’ resolutions, and will you make more for next year? Nah. I don’t do dem resolutions. 3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Nope. 4. Did anyone close to you die? Also nope. Thankfully. 5. What countries did you visit? None. I’m lucky that we’ve done a lot of travelling in my life, but this year we’ve been managing our poorly puppy, and I’m happy to sacrifice seven days in the sun to know my boy is happy and healthy and not with strangers in a kennel. You won’t believe me, but going to my in-laws’ caravan in the summer was just as lovely… even if it did rain! 6. What would you like to have in 2016 that you lacked in 2015? Money. Is that too shallow?...

The Day I Realised I’ve Only Seen 2016 From my Bedroom

on Jan 4, 2016

Getting kinda tired of watching 2016 slip past from within the confines of my bedroom. Still feeling like complete shit. Still stuck in bed. Grumble grumble. I have a FitBit which monitors my sleeping patterns – it tells me that I’ve been restless/woken up 50+ times in the last two nights. Rad. My second course of steroids finishes tomorrow and I don’t feel much improved at all. Bodes well. Bed-ridden incarceration means I’ve been binge-watching things. I watched the TV movie of Stephen King’s Needful Things that was on over Christmas (omg it was terrible). I’m still watching too much Grey’s Anatomy. And today I’m watching Netflix’s Making a Murderer and omfg, how does this shit even happen? Seriously. Am only four episodes in and have no idea how the facts will fall (besides a quick Wikipedia search, which tells me Avery was...

The Day I Was Not as Well as I Thought I Was

on Jan 3, 2016

Thought I was feeling better today. Had a lie-in, did some homework (the reproductive system – mad lolz) and revision with S, and then M came home with the groceries and I put stuff away and ended up doing my gross vom-cough I-can’t-catch-my-breath-thing for twenty intense minutes. Not fun. Not at all. I spent most of yesterday in bed, willing myself to get better. I don’t cough as much if I’m still, so I did a lot of computery stuff from the comfort of my bed (new logo – yay!), balanced the budget etc., watched the new Sherlock episode and then a lot of Grey’s Anatomy (again). The boys went to the footie, so it was essentially just Wesker and me lying in bed, chilling. It was nice. M came home with a KFC bucket. I felt better. Apparently not, though. So I’m back in bed. S has Chemistry revision to do, so I’m doing it with him. Am trying...

The Day I Saw in the New Year Vomiting

on Jan 2, 2016

Coming back from a New Year Dim Sum meal on New Year’s Eve, I experienced the only grown-up asthma attack I’ve ever had. It was bizarre. One moment I was fine; we visited our parents, and stopped to pick up some groceries on the way. Next thing I know, I’m throwing the car door open to vomit. Not because I felt sick, but because I was struggling so hard to catch my breath, and coughing so hard, I threw up. Four times. Ew. I hadn’t even had anything to drink. I don’t think about being asthmatic much. It affects me when I try and work out, or I’m tackling a steep hill or something. And if I get a cold or sore throat, nine times out of ten, it works its way down onto my chest, and I get some kind of infection. But this thing? It’s 100% asthmatic. And it’s terrifying me. I’ve been feeling this way since mid-November. I had a cold, which...

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